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Tips to create a timeless kitchen

A full kitchen refurbishment is one of the most expensive home improvements you’ll come across, which is why it’s so important to get it 100% right. Because of the cost, kitchens aren’t changed on a regular basis and are replaced every 10 to 15 years.

Of course, there are plenty of options to reflect whatever budget you may have. And even if you can’t afford a full refurbishment at the moment, consider simply switching the cabinet doors to spice things up.

For starters, a basic kitchen set from IKEA may set you back as little as £1,000, whilst a John Lewis kitchen would cost upwards of £8,000. So straight away you can see the difference. Cheaper kitchen sets will come as flat-pack, whilst the expensive kitchen units will be pre-assembled.

In terms of creating a timeless kitchen that will look great for the years to come, Shaker kitchens are definitely the industry standard, due to their simplicity and quality. They’re great for both modern and period properties, with wooden cabinets providing a traditional appeal and bold colours bringing out a modern edge. Handles tend to be round wooden knobs, to help create a streamlined finish.

Essentially, Shaker kitchens effortlessly combine traditional and contemporary styles and many homeowners of period properties have adopted this design.

You’ll have two choices to make with the Shaker design; free-standing and fitted. Free-standing kitchens do tend to be cheaper so if money’s an issue then this is definitely the route to go down.

Of course, what’s important is not just to go for products on the cheap though, because that defies the whole point of a Shaker kitchen. You want this to last for years and not have to make amendments in just a few months. There’s a way to be scrupulous but ensure on quality at the same time.

So, if you’re looking for a kitchen that will still look great in a decade, the Shaker could be for you. With some fantastic options for you to consider there’s an opportunity to create a unique appeal that’s well-matched to your home.


Facts & Figures You’ll Love To Share

  • A kitchen refurbishment can cost as little as £1,000, but more expensive and better quality products could set you back up to £8,000.
  • A new kitchen can significantly increase the value of your home by several thousand pounds.
  • There are plenty of styles, designs and materials for the kitchen, giving you an opportunity to create a unique appeal.
  • It could be a lot more cost effective to simply change the cupboard doors as this is a cheaper way to create a fresh appeal.

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