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Replacement kitchen doors price guide

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your home and a major selling point when it comes to putting your property on the market. There is a significant difference to homes with a modern kitchen to those which are worn and outdated.

For homeowners wanting to update their kitchen, sometimes a full refurbishment isn’t viable and can be too costly for those on a tight budget. Instead, there’s an opportunity to still transform the kitchen’s look by simply changing the kitchen doors.

With the expense associated with a complete kitchen refit, many people are turning away from refurbishing the room. In fact, the transformation with replacement kitchen doors can be fantastic.

Of course, the national kitchen suppliers won’t give this away as the cost is so much cheaper and they’ll still hope to lure customers with their range of new kitchen styles.

One of the major benefits to replacing the doors is the minimal hassle and inconvenience. There’s no need for electricians, plumbers and decorators, plus little mess and you can continue using the kitchen within one day.

The cost of replacement kitchen doors
Replacing your kitchen doors is a much cheaper alternative to modernising the entire room. Despite the small changes, it’s amazing how much difference switching your doors can make.

  • Veneer wood-finish average cost per replacement kitchen doors – £20
  • Average cost for a replacement kitchen doors – £50
  • Highest price for replacement kitchen doors – £100

Remember, the prices listed above are only intended as a guide, so to find the right costs for your kitchen, compare up to four quotes with our quick and easy online service.

Benefits of replacement kitchen doors

You may not have thought about replacement kitchen doors. But in fact it’s an excellent way to modernise the appeal and create a completely new look.

The benefits of this simple procedure include:

  • A cheaper modernisation

By replacing the kitchen cupboard doors you have the opportunity to change the look of your room without spending thousands of pounds on a full refurbishment. Keeping the old cupboard carcass will cut the amount you need to spend on changing the appeal.

  • A quick process

With replacement kitchen doors you’ll be able to benefit from the new look within 24 hours, rather than the weeks it’d take for a full refurb. There’ll be no need for electrical and plumbing work so you can continue to use the kitchen by the end of the day.

  • Change other aspects of the kitchen

By just switching the kitchen cupboard doors, you can have other areas of the kitchen changed at the same time. This could be the worktops, lighting or even flooring material. By altering individual parts of the kitchen rather than the full works, you’ll cut the cost quite dramatically.

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