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Question and Answers


How can I remove stains from my sink?

Tea, coffee and red wine are three liquids which can stain sinks. As maintenance advice it’s always recommended to clean your sink daily with warm soapy water to prevent staining. If stains do occur then soak the sink for 30 minutes with diluted bleach.

In hard water areas limescale can build up, which can be coloured by liquids such as coffee and red wine. To remove limescale consider using mild acids such as vinegar or lemon.

I have burnt a small section of my laminate worktop. Can this be repaired?

A light abrasive cleaner could be used to remove smaller burn marks, but for larger areas of damage you’ll need a worktop specialist.

I want to fit my own worktop, can I hire the equipment?

It’s possible to use a tool hire company for worktop jigs and routers. However, worktops can be extremely difficult to fit so only carry out DIY if you’re sure in your own capabilities.

How do you join a worktop?

There are many different ways specialists will fit a worktop, depending on the surface and the angle. When it comes to fitting worktops you should only carry out the work yourself if you have the necessary skills. Any mistakes can be costly.

How much distance should there be between the hob and a high level cabinet?

If you have electric hobs in your kitchen there are no regulations. Of course, you should use common sense so there will be enough space for a saucepan handle to stick out and the cabinets won’t get hot. Don’t install a cupboard directly above the hob or adjacent where steam could affect the wood or chipboard.

With gas hobs however, there are mandatory regulations concerning the proximity of the hob in relation to any combustible material. When you have your hob connected you’ll need a Gas Safe registered engineer to complete the process.

Can a cooker be fitted between a fridge and freezer?

There isn’t an answer which is applicable for every circumstance. Theoretically, energy efficient fridges and freezers should be able to keep the heat out. On top of this, the oven should have seals to prevent heat leaking out of the sides.

The best way to avoid any complications though is to look at fitting the appliances elsewhere in the kitchen. Using a professional kitchen designer can help you to get the most of your kitchen.

Can a hob be positioned where there’s risk of a draught?

If you believe there to be a draught then look for gas hobs with a flame failure device. This works by switching off the gas supply if the flame is extinguished.

What size hood do I need for my kitchen?

The hood size required should be based on how much ventilation is needed and there’s a calculation to determine this. Speak to a reputable kitchen installer about the right hood for your kitchen.

Are all cooker hoods noisy?

The noise generated is from the moving or air to ventilate the kitchen. Typical hoods operate at around 60 decibels so look for something quieter if it would be more suited.

How can I fix a leaking dishwasher or washing machine?

Water for dishwashers and washing machines is transported in flexible rubber hoses, which aren’t as durable as the piping you’ll find in the rest of the home. As such, you could find drips which will signal the connector has likely come loose. Immediately turn the water off at the stop tap and try refastening the pipe.

When you believe it has been successfully repositioned turn the water on slowly to prevent water pouring out if it’s not sufficiently tightened.

If the hose itself has been worn then it’s worth replacing. You can find replacements in kitchen or hardware stores.

Should I take out a guarantee on kitchen appliances?

Cookers, washing machines, fridges and other kitchen appliances should all have one year guarantees with them. This means any fault in the first 12 months will be covered and you won’t pay out for parts or labour. If there is a sale you could even be entitles to three years of guarantee.

Apart from that you have the option to purchase a service deal, which protects you in the event that something goes wrong. Always check what parts the service covers and whether labour is included too.

If you don’t take out a guarantee and suffer a breakdown, you could save money using local engineers as they may not charge for a call-out. However, the manufacturer will often have a better supply of parts and will be more aware of their brand.

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