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Modern kitchens for a busy life

Do you have a kitchen that suits your busy lifestyle? The kitchen is often described as the hub of the home and research shows we spend 38% of our time here.

There are plenty of things you can do to improve the kitchen, whether you choose a whole remodel or simply want to rejuvenate one particular aspect.

The good news is, whatever you do to the kitchen you’ll likely get back in the bolstered value of your home, as this is one area potential buyers always look kindly upon.

So if you’re looking for a room to take on this year, make sure it’s the kitchen.

There are three general ideas you’ll need to consider:

  • Gather ideas
  • Layout
  • Style

1. Get some ideas for your kitchen remodel

If you’re thinking about redesigning your kitchen, or even just changing one aspect, then you’ll want to discover all the possibilities before putting something into place. For this part of the process you need to be on the lookout for ideas, whether this is a showroom, magazines, model homes or even neighbours.

Also think about additions that could improve your way of life. Some can include:

  • Homework space
  • Computer space
  • Recycling bins

  • Second sink or dishwasher
  • Display space for fine silver
  • Mood lighting and natural light

Essentially this is all about using your imagination and letting your creative streak run wild. Think about exactly what you want and then worry about if it’ll be feasible.

2. Consider the layout

Now you’ll have some ideas of things you want to implement in your kitchen, it’s time to consider the layout. This will mean fitting certain appliances into the kitchen and perhaps finding space for the new bits and bobs.

The work triangle is always a good guide to follow, concerning the sink, fridge and oven. As the microwave has increased in popularity, many people now refer to this layout as a diamond, so always make sure you have sufficient space for each of these.

3. Choose the best design

Finally, the art to creating an amazing kitchen is getting the aesthetics right. This will mean choosing the right colours and finishes to truly have the kitchen of your dreams. There are many options available for each aspect and different price ranges for each, so a lot will come down to your budget.

If possible, try not to personalise the kitchen as much if you plan to sell in the near future, instead opting for popular aesthetic options. This will help increase value and give your home a better chance in the market.


Facts & Figures You’ll Love To Share

  • A kitchen refurbishment can cost as little as £1,000, but more expensive and better quality products could set you back up to £8,000.
  • A new kitchen can significantly increase the value of your home by several thousand pounds.
  • There are plenty of styles, designs and materials for the kitchen, giving you an opportunity to create a unique appeal.
  • It could be a lot more cost effective to simply change the cupboard doors as this is a cheaper way to create a fresh appeal.

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