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Buying a kitchen: Knowing your rights


When it comes to the kitchen it’s important to know your rights whilst dealing with a company who will complete the installation or supply the fittings. So what do you need to do if something goes wrong and not as smoothly as you’d hope?

According to Citizens Advice, they received nearly 5,000 complaints about fitted kitchens in the 12 months leading up to April. As such, it’s imperative to know where you stand.

No matter your budget and plans for the kitchen there will always be a worry that something could go wrong. This is especially the case when kitchen firms keep popping up and consumers are unsure who to trust.

And the Citizens Advice says that the 4,947 complaints regarding kitchens came to a combined total of £93 million in projects.

This nationwide problem is further expanded by consumer watchdog Which? who claim 40% of its members experienced difficulties with their own kitchen installation. Common complaints raised included the job taking longer than stated, the wrong parts or units being delivered, the tap or sink not functioning correctly and units not fitting as well as they should.

Of course, on the flip side, 60% don’t experience any problems at all, so how can you make sure of getting yourself into this majority?

Your first step should be to compare quotes from a range of companies. Which? always recommend receiving up to four prices for a new kitchen from reputable companies. Not only does this mean you can be sure of getting the best price for the work, but means you have the opportunity to compare like-for-like.

By speaking first-hand to the kitchen companies you can be sure of getting all the information you need, setting out a realistic contract and ensuring you have full faith in them as a reputable company.
According to the Which? magazine, members voted Ikea as the best value for money when it comes to kitchens, with John Lewis rated the best quality product. Of the seven large firms reviewed, B&Q actually received the lowest scoring, with Howdens Joinery coming in third place.

But you don’t have to go to the big firms, because often the local, independent companies will offer a cheaper price, whilst still completing an excellent job.

Which? say: “Before committing to any company you should obtain three quotes and if you’re not happy with these, get some more. If the company you bought from is fitting the kitchen as well, find out who will be doing the work; many companies sub-contract it out to third parties. Check what the deal is regarding plumbing, gas and electrical work, and who to contact if any problems arise. “

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