Kitchen units storage tips

When it comes to the design and installation of new kitchen units, one of your main priorities will be the look. But you have to remain practical and ensure there’s enough storage space in the new kitchen for your needs.

Of course, the larger your kitchen the more space there will be for storage such as kitchen cabinets and kitchen units. Plan carefully and you can make good use of the space you thought might go to waste.

Base units

The number of base kitchen units in your kitchen will effectively be decided by where the appliances go. Washing machines and dishwaters will obviously need to be connected to the waterworks whilst electric points will be needed for the fridge and freezer.

Once you’ve found suitable places for these appliances you can consider how many cupboards you need on ground level.
Firstly, how many heavy items do you have? Saucepans, woks and large dishes should be kept down below so you’re not reaching up for them.

And remember, the base kitchen units will often be much larger than those overhead so they’re more suited to the bigger items.

Cutlery has an easy solution and stored in drawers where it’s simple to pick out what you need. Sharper knives which can be more dangerous though should be kept in a block at the back of the worktop, away from children but in reach of adults.

Other things to store in the lower kitchen cabinets include vegetables, which prefer the dark. If they’re kept out in the light they may discolour. Remember though, not everything needs to be kept in cupboards and you could make use of a wine rack to provide elegance.

Wall kitchen units

With the wall units you can be a little more creative with the design and popular features include frosted glass. Some homeowners will even opt for open fronts to display cookery books and colourful containers.

Think logically when deciding where to put things. What you use most often should be on the lower shelving rather than putting it at the top. You can even mix things up a little more where the design is a little bland by displaying mugs on a rack or tree.

What’s essential though is not making the look too cluttered or you risk losing a lot of the appeal from your kitchen. Make sure you give the surfaces and kitchen units a regular wipe over too as they’re likely to be covered in steam, grease and dust.
Kitchen storage tips

To improve on the design further why not consider using different coloured doors. If you’re thinking about updating the kitchen you could simply just switch the cupboard doors which is a cheaper alternative. Using clear or frosted glass is another way to avoid a bland look too.

If you have a smaller kitchen and therefore less room to play with, consider having taller kitchen cabinets which will provide more storage for you too. Also endeavour to keep your most used items such as glasses, cups and plates close to hand.

And don’t forget to find a suitable spot for the waste bin and recycling box. They may not be glamorous but they are important.

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