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Kitchen remodelling: Step by step

So you’ve decided you want to go ahead with a complete kitchen redesign?

Well the good news is that’s the hardest decision you’ll have to make and committing to the task shows your intent.

So what about the rest?

Well there are a number of other aspects to consider too, such as deciding on a budget, choosing the materials you want to use and selecting the right contractor for the job.

These don’t need to cause any problems though and by following the steps below you can make sure the project is as smooth as possible.

Step one: Thorough planning

What are the reasons you are planning to refurbish your kitchen? The chances are there are a few. Perhaps your project will simply involve replacing the appliances and cabinets or maybe you’re keen to gut the whole room and start over. What’s essential though is planning how best to utilise the space in your home, improving comfort and living space.

You shouldn’t rush the planning stage and don’t be afraid to let your imagination run wild. After all, this is your kitchen so it should be exactly how you want it. You may prefer to get help in this stage too, by bringing in a company to help design your perfect kitchen.

Step two: The budget

A lot of the budget will be decided during the planning stage, because this is how most people select the materials they want for the kitchen. The worktop in particularly comes under scrutiny with a large range to choose, from cheaper laminate to more expensive granite. Of course, research will be important and always take advice if you’re not sure on a particular area of the kitchen.

Step three: Choosing a company

This is one of the most important stages and something you may have already considered in step one or two. You could go down the DIY route if you have the right skills and expertise, but fitting a kitchen can be time consuming and difficult so it’s always recommended to bring in an expert. One of the worries is knowing how much you should be paying for a professional, which is why comparing quotes is a great way to avoid unwanted stress. This way you can get the best price for the work you want and ensure not being ripped off.

Don’t pay for any work upfront, especially a large amount. Some companies require a small deposit and if this is the case then ensure to get a receipt. Just don’t pay out thousands of pounds before anything has been carried out.

Step four: During the redesign

You’ll want the project to run as smoothly as possible and for this to happen you’ll need close communication with the company you choose. Make sure you know exactly how long it’ll take to complete.

If your kitchen is out of action you’ll need to plan how to deal with meals, whilst a small reconstruction could mean your appliances are still accessible. Find out if you’ll still have access to water in the kitchen for washing up etc. Some people find it easier to go elsewhere for meals during this time, so perhaps a close friend or family member could be an answer.

Step five: The completed package

So you’ve survived the project and come out the other end with a fantastic new kitchen. When the company lets you know the job is complete, make sure you walk through the kitchen together to ensure everything is to your liking and as agreed. Then you’ll be in a position to pay up and enjoy your excellent kitchen space!

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