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Give your kitchen a needed makeover

When it comes to the kitchen you don’t necessarily need to rip everything out and start over. There are many different ways you can give your kitchen that much needed facelift regardless of your budget.

In fact, you’ll be surprised at how much the look of your kitchen can change, even with just the smallest of modifications, such as repainting the walls. So take a look at our tips below and decide how to give your kitchen a makeover.

Grab a paintbrush

Repainting a room is something you’re probably more accustomed to in a living room or bedroom, rather than the kitchen. But in actual fact it’ll have the very same effect. Of course, you may be a little hesitant because of having to work around the cupboards and worktops, but it’s easy enough to protect these with masking tape. When repainting, try to create a feature wall where possible.

You can also get some tile paint from any local DIY store, which helps in giving your splashback a refreshing change. The cupboard doors themselves can even been repainted, so whether they’re wooden or laminate, you have a chance to make easy alterations.

Swap your handles

You don’t have to stick with the same old kitchen features forever. Wondered why your handles are the same colour as the doors themselves? Then it’s easy enough to unscrew and put new ones in place. It’s pretty cheap to do this too and there’s a whole range to pick from.

Maintain your worktops

Your worktops have a big say in the appeal of your kitchen, but a full replacement can prove costly. If this isn’t something you’re keen on, then a composite overlay could be your answer. A template of your worktops will be taken and the fitter will then return to lay it over your surfaces. It’s a great way to quickly change your kitchen’s look.

Get back to the floor

The flooring is often a part of the room forgotten as homeowners are keen to replace worktops and install fancy new appliances. New flooring doesn’t have to be expensive or a chore either as there are plenty of options for you to consider. With the floor, typically you’ll want to choose tile or laminate because of spillages and water leaks.

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