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How to maximise your kitchen lighting

The lighting in your kitchen is now just as important as the worktops and flooring. Gone are the days when there was a solitary strip of lighting in the centre of the kitchen and small bulbs fixed under the cupboard tops to dimly light the work surface.

Nowadays it’s important to consider both practicality and appeal when it comes to the kitchen lighting, making it easier to prepare food whilst also providing your kitchen with a beautiful atmosphere.

The cupboards

Have you ever found yourself pulling out pots and pans trying to find the very one thing you’re looking for? Deep storage is great at giving you more room but can be tricky when looking for something. As such, why not take advantage of the latest pull-out drawers with LED lighting that automatically turns on and off when the drawer in pulled out and closed.

The cooking area

Another area of your kitchen where it would be practical to have extra lighting is in the kitchen extractor fan. Lights can often be fixed to the splashback, and many extractor fan units now have lighting fitted too.

With lighting here it’ll make it much easier to cook and LED lighting is pretty cheap to run too.

Stylish designs

The actual design of your lighting gives you an opportunity to be creative, especially when it comes to the main lights in the room. There are so many designs and styles available that you can easily find a stylish and sophisticated look that complements your overall kitchen design.

Natural light

So far we’ve only discussed artificial light, but how about natural light that’ll fill up your kitchen during the day? Make the most of it with large windows that will allow daylight to flood inside. You may even be able to fit a skylight depending on the design of your kitchen too.

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