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The kitchen is the hub of most homes and when completed to an excellent standard, it’ll create a fantastic atmosphere to enjoy with your family and any guests you entertain. With the kitchen there are so many aspects to personalise including the worktops, cabinets and flooring. The beauty is you can choose how much to spend with a range of cheaper and more expensive options.

Old and tired kitchens lack any appeal and often need to be spruced up to modernise the look and create a warm, inviting atmosphere. As mentioned there’s the opportunity to alter every aspect of the kitchen, keeping within a budget that’s suitable for your circumstances.

The cost of a new kitchen
Kitchens are one of the home’s major selling points so ensure yours is looking top quality by modernising the appeal.

  • Cost of a kitchen with cheaper materials – £2,500
  • Average cost of a new kitchen with laminate worktops – £4,000
  • Premium kitchen with Quartz or granite worktops – £12,000

The above mentioned prices are intended as a guide only because all kitchens are different sizes and there are a range of materials to use. Compare up to four free personal kitchen quotes by using our simple online service.
Benefits of a new kitchen

  • Add value to your home

By modernising your kitchen you’ll instantly add value to your home. What you have to be sure on though is spending the right amount in comparison to the rest of your property. A £10,000 kitchen in a £500,000 house wouldn’t be worthwhile, whilst you have to be sure not to overspend on a smaller home too.


  • Attract potential buyers

When prospective buyers come to view your home, one of the selling points will be the kitchen. With an updated kitchen you’ll dramatically improve your chances of selling and getting the price you want.

  • Wow family and friends

With a new kitchen you’ll be able to wow everyone you entertain, with a warm and inviting atmosphere to enjoy throughout the year. Welcome your guests into a modern environment and give them a lasting impression that won’t be forgotten.

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