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When you walk into a kitchen what is the first thing you notice? It has to be the units and cabinets – they are what make the impact, never mind their dual role of providing storage space and even housing appliances.

The carcass of cabinets and units are made from chipboard and are pretty well standard no matter who you buy from, what makes the difference is the doors. The material used, colour, style and finish give the wow factor.

Given that you will probably want your kitchen to last for many years, its appearance is important,
To create the effect you want you can choose from wood, laminate, glass or even stainless steel kitchen cabinet doors. Here is a look at what they have to offer and points to consider.

Wood kitchen cabinet doors

Your first choice is whether to go for solid timber or a veneer.

Cost could be a factor, but you need to look at practical points as well.

A kitchen can be a warm, steamy room which will affect solid wood kitchen cabinet doors more than veneers. A veneer is a thin strip of wood which covers the doors.

Wood and veneer are available in all kinds of colours and can give a timeless look to a kitchen. A stain can bring out natural colours, or there are colour-washes, wax, or what about paint to give just the finish you want?

Solid wood and veneer does take some care. So ask your kitchen company for its best ideas on how to keep wood looking at its best.

Laminate offers the widest choice of colours. Do you envisage your kitchen with a soft matt finish or is it going to be boldly coloured and shiny?

Whatever your choice you know that laminate is very low maintenance. Unlike wood, it just needs a wipe over to keep cupboard doors looking clean and fresh.


Glass kitchen cabinet doors are used mostly to create a statement piece in a kitchen. They help to break up solid lines of cupboards, and provide the ideal place to display china, glassware or prized possessions.

Frosted glass gives another choice and does have the advantage that you can’t see what secrets the cupboard holds.

Stainless steel

Like glass, stainless steel is best used as a statement piece. It can create a great effect with its clean, shiny finish giving a cool professional look.

But a totally professional look can also be its downfall. You are creating a kitchen for your home; do you want it to look cold and perhaps sterile? Used sparingly as a worktop or the front of an appliance in a kitchen with wood or laminate cupboards, stainless steel can be at its most striking.

Cost is another consideration; stainless steel is not a cheap choice.

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