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Ideas for bespoke fitted kitchens


If you want fitted kitchens that are unique in their design and give you all that you want and need to suit your lifestyle – then it has to be a bespoke kitchen.

Bespoke means, quite literally, that you commission someone to design and supply a kitchen that suits your home, using units that are built to your specifications. That makes the options limitless.

Don’t dismiss bespoke fitted kitchens with thoughts of something a little old fashioned that looks good in a farmhouse or country house setting.

Today’s designers embrace a huge range of concepts, colours and materials including wood veneers, solid hardwoods, laminates, stainless steel, aluminium and stone. They also use modern designs to provide everything from sleek minimalism to comfortable rooms for family gatherings.

Some companies will claim to offer bespoke kitchens using units from one of their ranges. These aren’t truly bespoke, but can offer a great choice from more unusual styles, colours, shapes and sizes.

Remember, if you are offered a catalogue to choose from – you aren’t getting bespoke.

Bespoke fitted kitchens give you originality, teamed with that simplicity that only good design can achieve. It will use space and light creatively to make something that works for you.

Craftsmen will be used to fashion your kitchen, rather than a team of installers assembling something that has rolled off a production line. You won’t find another kitchen like it.

Is bespoke for me?

By its very nature of being custom-built bespoke is not going to come cheap.
Shopping around can help you to find some good deals; so don’t just dismiss the idea out of hand. The secret is to set a budget and stick to it. Don’t get carried away and want every appliance or accessory on the market, or being talked into adding extras which will push up the bill and rarely be used.

What bespoke will give you is tailor-made answers to awkward spots in the kitchen. A good designer takes challenges such as uneven walls, windows in odd places and small niches in their stride.

Remember that you aren’t buying off-the-shelf. This kitchen has to be designed and then created by craftsmen. It will take time. Ask for a schedule, but be prepared for it to slip.

Bespoke isn’t for you if you want a job that will be completed quickly.


Today’s bespoke designers use a vast range of materials to create their fitted kitchens.

Gone are the days of spurning materials such as veneers or laminates. Modern production methods have made them more durable and the colours and finishes they offer may be just what you are looking for.

Wood will always have a place in many people’s fitted kitchens. The choice offered includes, oak, maple, beech, rosewood, walnut and cherry to name but a few.

But if it is sleek modern lines you are going for, stainless steel or aluminium may be nearer the top of your choices.

Glass has been used for some time to front display cabinets, but frosted glass now has its part to play, and toughened glass is even used on some work surfaces.

Natural woods give a surprising range of colours.

But if you want something bright or a contrast between strong colours and something more gentle then laminates, or materials with a factory-applied lacquer finish offer an amazing palate.

What about a combination of bright colours and aluminium – for a modern, vibrant look?

Look for clever use of colour that can create illusions such as pieces that hover in the air.
Bespoke gives so many options.


A bespoke kitchen uses good materials placed in the hands of craftsmen.

Forget images of wood being carved into intricate patterns. Bespoke kitchens have moved on (unless that is what you really want).

The craftsmen will provide sleek lines, or complex shapes – whatever is asked of them.

A good bespoke kitchens company will be able to call on the expertise of a number of trades to handle wood, metal, stone, glass.

The quality will be good, but it won’t be cheap and it will take time to achieve. But the end result will be something to savour and enjoy for many years to come.

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