Creating a colourful kitchen

Given the number of white kitchens in people’s homes it’s difficult to believe the amazing benefits colour can have. But colour is always a necessity, subconsciously lifting your mood or even making you smile.

Just the smallest amounts of colour can do the trick too, and you don’t have to choose extravagant colours either. Some homeowners look to bring colour into their kitchen with accessories such as the kettle or toaster, but we think a larger area is best to work with.

With careful consideration, colour can simply transform your kitchen. There are plenty of ways to do this as well. Bright worktops may not be something you’ve thought about before, but they are very effective with crisp white cabinetry. There are plenty of worktop options for you as well. Whilst once you would have been limited to the natural stone colours, now there are a range of shades and textures.

You can adopt the same colour in other areas of your kitchen too, creating a streamlined finish. Consider the bar stools, lighting and even small accessories.

Splashbacks are another great area where colour is wanting. The splashback is the tiled section off of your worktop and behind the oven. Nowadays there’s an incredible range of colours and designs available and you can simply head down to your local DIY store to see a full variety.

If adding colour to your kitchen is something you desire, but you don’t want the room to be controlled by it, simply put colour in an unconventional place. Inside the cabinets and lining the drawers are great areas to consider.

The cupboard doors themselves are also available in a whole range of different colours. And the great news here is that they’re not too expensive to switch round, so you can upgrade your kitchen’s appeal without a full makeover.

Tom Crosswell

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