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National Curry Week: How to Choose the Best Hob for Your Kitchen

This week we’ve got a lot to celebrate – not only is it National Chocolate Week, it’s also National Curry Week too!

If you enjoy creating a curry or cooking with chocolate, we think it’s important to have the best hob for your kitchen. So before you get busy with your curry or chocolate this week, take a look at our guide to all the different types of hob you could get for your home.

Gas hobs

Gas hobs are really popular and for good reason. They’re generally quick to heat up, easy to control and tend to be favoured by professional chefs.

You’ll only be able to get a gas hob if your home has a gas connection. Where you can put your hob will also be limited, as it’ll need to be close to a supply point. Channelling the gas supply is expensive and not always possible.

Conventional gas hobs

Conventional gas hobs are pretty common. They have gas burners surrounded by frames for pots and pans to sit on. Most have automatic ignition, although there are still some where you need to press and hold an ignition button.

As they heat up quickly and are really responsive, conventional gas hobs are great for cooking in a hurry. However, they can look messy quickly and are difficult to clean.

Gas on glass hobs

Gas on glass hobs are pretty similar to conventional gas hobs, but the burners are mounted on ceramic glass. They’re much easier to clean but can still get messy easily and don’t heat up as quickly as conventional gas hobs.

Electric hobs

Electric hobs are suitable for any kitchen and are easier to fit in a range of places around your kitchen. They often look more stylish than gas hobs but tend to be more expensive to run.

Electric plate hobs

Electric plate hobs are quite old-fashioned now, but they’re still pretty common. The heating elements are covered by metal plates, which means that they’re quite slow to heat up and cool down. An electric plate hob is probably not the best hob to buy as they’re not particularly efficient or easy to clean, unless you’ve got a tight budget.

Electric ceramic hobs

Electric ceramic hobs have heating elements that are covered by a layer of ceramic glass. You can tell where they are by markings on the surface. Ceramic hobs are popular because they’re easy to use and clean, and can look pretty stylish. However, their heat distribution and responsivity are often not as good as gas hobs.

Electric induction hobs

Electric induction hobs are a relatively modern type of hob and are really popular. They work using electromagnets, which means that their heating elements heat your pots and pans directly instead of heating a surface that then heats your pans. This makes them very efficient and economical. They also only work when there is a pot or pan on your hob, which reduces waste and increases safety.

One of the only downsides to induction hobs is that they can be quite expensive, so they might not be the best hob to buy if you’re on a budget. You also might need to invest in some new, magnetic-based pots and pans, as not all kitchenware works with induction hobs.

So if you’re thinking of getting a new hob, you’ve got plenty of different types to choose from. The best hob for you will be something that suits your kitchen, budget and the kind of cooking you enjoy. So whether you enjoy concocting a curry or something chocolatey, there should be a hob out there for you.

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Evy Coe

Evy works for Quotatis as a Content Marketing Executive. She loves to write about interior design and help homeowners with their DIY projects.