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Before buying your kitchen


Fitting a new kitchen is an exciting process as you’ll be completely renovating the hub of your home. Remember though, this is likely to be an expensive project so don’t rush into a decision. You need to think carefully and plan thoroughly on both what you need and what is feasible.

Of course, you need to find this information and where better than the Internet? But even before you plough through articles, try and get your basic ideas down:

  • Do you want fitted or freestanding appliances, such as the fridge and dishwasher?
  • How do you want the kitchen units? Fitted, flat-pack or customised?
  • Will you need a kitchen company to fit the kitchen or will you DIY?
  • Is there a solid after sales service provided by the kitchen company?
  • Are they part of a recognised association, such as the Kitchen Specialist Association (KSA)?

Visit showrooms

When you come into contact with a kitchen company, find out if there’s a place you can go to look at their range.

Some companies will have a base whilst others may deal primarily on the Internet, providing excellent products, a great installation and good after sales service.

You can check reputability by looking for genuine customer feedback and even ask to speak with their past clients.

Simply typing the company’s name into Google can bring up kitchen and home improvement forums where customers have noticed dissatisfaction or commented on a job well done.
Of course though, the Internet age does have its problems, mainly because homeowners want to see the products first hand before parting with their cash. This will give you a better idea to how the units would stand up to general wear and tear.

If you do visit showrooms there are a few things to look out for in particular. Firstly you should check out the door hinges and catches. Are there any signs of weakness that could wear over time? As with anything you pay for quality. Also look to see if the new doors mark every time they are touched.

If you do go through the Internet though, still expect a great service. If you ask for more information or a quotation and hear nothing within a couple of days then look elsewhere because this could be a sign of the service offered.

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