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Add value to your home with a new kitchen


The party season is over and if you hosted anything over the last few weeks then you may have noticed a congregation in the kitchen. After all it’s where all great parties end up.

And if you’re considering house renovations in the New Year, the kitchen is a great place to start too.

By getting the project right you’ll be able to add thousands of pounds to your home value.

So let’s take a look at where to start: the planning.

Planning your new kitchen

How much do you spend? That’ll be one of the first questions you’ll want answered because you won’t want to simply throw away money carelessly if it’s not going to help in the long run.

Logically, the amount you should spend depends on your home. If you live in a two-bedroom terraced house, spending £30,000 on a lavish kitchen won’t see you with healthy returns. This would be more suited to a larger four-bedroomed detached home.

But of course, you can only use the space that’s available (unless you choose to extend). You could opt for a simple facelift which won’t set you back too much. A fresh coat of paint and replacement cupboard doors can do wonders for your kitchen.

If you’re a handy DIYer you may even fancy this work yourself, saving a few bob on hiring a professional.

How to set out the kitchen

No matter if you plan to fit units yourself or seek the services of a professional, you’ll need to know some of the basics in where to place different appliances. Our first advice would be to keep the waterworks where they are, including the washing machine, sink and dishwasher. Otherwise moving pipes can be expensive.

Try to keep all your worktops in close proximity as well so you don’t have to move around when preparing food. Don’t forget storage either; you can never have too much when it comes to the kitchen.

Ensure to choose flooring that’s suitable for the room’s use as well; typically needing to deal with water spills. Laminate floor should be avoided, whilst tiles are your best bet.

Setting your budget

You need to work out how much you’re going to spend. This will prevent you overspending and running out of money. How much you have available will be significant in deciding whether you choose flat packs or bespoke kitchens.

Don’t just calculate the cost of cupboards and appliances either. You’ll need to consider flooring, rewiring, lighting and even the services of a plumber. Any extension will also add a fair amount of expense.

Don’t forget to contact your home insurance provider too; otherwise you won’t be covered for damage.

Choosing a professional kitchen company

Your first step should be to speak to friends and family to find out if they can recommend a professional. This way you’ll be sure to have a brilliant company lined up.

If this isn’t possible, then make sure to compare quotes from a range of companies in order to get the best deal available. Ask for references and a portfolio to ensure you pick the right professional.

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